The Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund

Posted 2nd March 2018

Lead writer @ Thompson, Habib, Denison

Talk about a dream client! The Fresh Air Fund dates back to the summer of 1877, when Manhattan’s low-income kids were succumbing to a tuberculosis epidemic. The solution? Get kids out of crowded tenements and into the fresh air. Thanks to a network of big-hearted host families along the east coast, kids who had never camped in the woods or cannon-balled into a lake found themselves embracing a new way of life — and a new perspective on how big and beautiful the world can be.

As a nonprofit organization, The Fresh Air Fund relies on donations to run their upstate New York camps and host family program. If you’ve ever had to ask friends or family for money to keep you afloat, you know that it’s a tough sell. Fortunately, The Fresh Air Fund’s legacy is strong and proud, so creating donor appeals — and writing the website shown here — was always a pleasure. The spirit of the organization demanded a heartfelt, change-making voice that inspired gifts and cultivated an engaged group of repeat donors.

The Fresh Air Fund creative included:

  • Website
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Newsletters
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  • Date : 02.03.2015
  • Client : Kronos
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