Posted 2nd March 2018

Event concept, lead writer @ Kronos

You know those corporate holiday events where everyone grabs a cup of cocoa, fulfills a minimum mingling quota, and then absconds to the sweet solitude of their cube? This was not that. Instead, the #inspiredacts event was a joyful takeover, an in-your-face celebration of sound that got even the most introverted workaholic away from their desk and into the holiday spirit.

#inspiredacts aimed to break the boundaries of at-work holiday events, inviting every employee with a voice or instrument to busk (look it up!) around the building for one day in December. Thanks to some savvy event planning, we managed to solicit participants while keeping the event a surprise to most employees. The result was a rollicking good time that not only shook things up, but generated big time donations and a corporate match to Make-A-Wish.

#inspiredacts creative included:

  • Concept development
  • Event planning
  • Print and digital environmental messaging
  • Customer-facing video greeting
  • Social media
  • Category : Video Events
  • Date : 01.15.2018
  • Client : Kronos
  • Address : https://www.kronos.com/
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