Heifer International

Heifer International

Posted 2nd March 2018

Lead writer, concept development w/ Mighty Tiny Creative (freelance)

Heifer International’s 70-year track record of lifting people out of poverty is a beautiful but long story to tell. It’s innovative programs cast a wide net, from agricultural sustainability to social justice to climate mitigation and beyond. The result is that donors are sometimes overwhelmed with information or confused about Heifer’s philanthropic focus.

Despite a robust donor base, Heifer knew they weren’t effectively communicating their mission and impact to women donors. The solution was to develop campaign concepts that highlight Heifer’s gender justice approach to fighting poverty. By sounding a rallying cry of global sisterhood, women donors were inspired to support the movement for gender equality by supporting Heifer.

Heifer International creative included:

  • Concept development
  • Email campaign
  • Landing pages
  • Banner ads
  • Social media
  • Category : Concept Dev
  • Date : 02.03.2015
  • Client : Heifer
  • Site : https://www.heifer.org/womens-empowerment/index.html
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